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About Us

Founded by internationally acclaimed clarinettist Emma Johnson MBE, our charity was created to advance the understanding of music, in particular of orchestral instruments, among young people in the UK.

We have a number of initiatives designed to help achieve this aim, including:

  • educational concerts

  • workshops in schools

  • bursaries for disadvantaged children


You can find out more about Emma on her website.

Our Mission

Music has been a huge part of my life and much of that is down to my parents, but I also owe a lot to my primary school in South East London. I'll always remember the day when Mr. Littler, the school music teacher, told us about the sounds of the orchestra and announced that we could start lessons on an instrument. It felt as if a door had opened into a rich and exciting world.

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It seems unfair to me that so many children in Britain aren't given an introduction to musical instruments today. You can go into some primary schools and none of the pupils will recognise a clarinet or a double bass. This is not the case everywhere - there are pockets of the country where music is taught - but the provision is patchy to say the least.

So, I've set up the Emma Johnson Foundation. We take introductory workshops into primary schools to enthuse children with music and give them a close-up view of orchestral instruments. As the charity grows, we aim to contribute towards the costs of instrument lessons for young children from disadvantaged backgrounds too. Music benefits children in so many areas - mental health, teamwork, self-expression, making friends, mastering a skill. Plus, it's scientifically proven that engaging with music enhances performance in other subjects too.

Why wouldn't we help children access the power of music?

- Emma Johnson, March 2024
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